PeruNorth is a part of Tropical Travel Ltd, a private limited company (#9731855), incorporated in the UK. 

Miles Buesst is PeruNorth's Founder. Like many British children, he grew up reading the Paddington books, and watching the BBC TV series. He didn't question too deeply the assertion that Paddington was a bear from 'deepest, darkest Peru', but it must have weighed on his subconscience, for many years later he finds himself offering tours to the only region of Peru with a native bear population, the Spectacled or Andean Bear

Miles’ love affair with Latin America began in 1999, when he arrived here to work as a tour leader for an adventure holiday company. 75 tours, a Masters in Latin American Studies and a Peruvian family later, he is still enamoured of the place, and still finding new delights and surprises.

The cultural exchange has not been all one-way though, as Miles is deeply involved in the growth of the game of cricket in Peru, having been both the captain of the Peruvian men’s cricket team, the Llamas, and the secretary of Cricket Peru.

To hear Miles (and others) describing the development of cricket in Lima to BBC World Service's Sportshour, click here

Despite having an Australian father, he now divides his time between Lima and the UK. Being often in Peru gives him first-hand access to the various hotel, agency and boat owners and to any operational and environmental developments in the region.

Over the years, his ear-to-the-ground knowledge has been employed by various guidebooks, including National Geographic Traveller: Peru, DK Eyewitness, Footprint: South America Handbook and Viva Peru!

Lluis Dalmau Gutsens is Peru North's Operations Manager. A native of Valls in Catalunya, his journey from Spain to Peru has been an interesting one. Having studied Engineering for the Food Industry in Barcelona, with work experience in the UK, Lluis decided to pack his bag and travel to South America in 1993. He only intended to be away for a few months, but 23 years later he finds himself living in Tarapoto with his Peruvian wife and three children! 

His first destination was Ecuador, and it was there that he met the Canadian biologist, Brad Boyle, who was looking for help in recording the bio-diversity of the Ecuadorean rain forest. Lluis agreed to volunteer and, as well as developing a good knowledge of tropical ecology, there is now a rare jungle plant that bears his name - Anthurium dalmaui - as a result!

Once in Peru, Lluis volunteered at South American Explorers in Lima (which Miles would, coincidentally, later manage), and updated information for the Lonely Planet guidebook, which entailed travel to many lesser-known corners of the country. 

In 1995, he moved to Tarapoto to take up the post of Director of an international development project promoting sustainable agriculture, principally with palm hearts and cocoa. He managed to persuade local producers to begin making chocolate, which is now one of the region's marquee products. 

The world of sustainable development took Lluis to other wonderful destinations such as the El Vizcaino Biosphere Reserve in Baja California, and Coiba Island and the Gulf of Montijo in Panama. But he had left his heart in Tarapoto, and returned there in 2006 to get married and make his first foray into the world of hospitality, with the construction of Pumarinri Lodge, in the Amazon high jungle. 

This was followed, in 2009, with the opening of Gocta Lodge, in Amazonas, with views of the waterfall of the same name. And then a deluxe hotel in the city of Tarapoto, Tucan Suites, in 2012. 

These three properties are now well established on the Northern Peru circuit, as is Lluis' reputation for being a visionary champion of this lesser-visited area of Peru. Given this reputation, he was approached to take over the management of a boutique property in the shadow of Huaca de la Luna. The hotel was refurbished and re-branded as Moche Sanctuary Lodge in 2017, to offer a relaxing, natural experience in the countryside near Trujillo.

Alongside managing these hotels, Lluis organises the guides and transport for the majority of Peru North's itineraries.