Where To Stay In Ucayali

Ucayali is a sparsely-populated Department in Peru's Low Amazon region, named after the river which has traditionally been the main transport and trading route.

The region is home to many of Peru's indigenous groups, such as the Shipibo-Konibo and Ashaninka, who cling to their traditional way of life in the largely-unexploited jungle, much of which - such as the recently-declared Sierra del Divisor National Park - is protected by law. 

Pucallpa is the capital and largest city in Ucayali, and it is here that most tourist accommodation can be found. There are business-oriented hotels in the city centre, as well as more rustic lodges in the surrounding rain forest, some of which specialize in ayahuasca ceremonies. 

Manish EcoHotel, Pucallpa

  • Lodge-style accommodation within Pucallpa city

Casa Andina Select, Pucallpa

  • Modern accommodation option in central Pucallpa

Ucayali River Hotel, Pucallpa

  • 102 rooms of executive comfort in Pucallpa’s commercial area