Esperanza Amazon Cruise, Peru

  • Economic Amazon River cruise charter option for an 18-berth vessel .

  • Over a decade's experience sailing with English-speaking groups. 

  • Minimum cruise length of 4 days applies. 

Esperanza pilot house.jpg

The M/F Esperanza is a sturdy and basic - but homely - Amazon River vessel, that is often used for medical service, academic and research expeditions.

A couple of times a year, she also offers 7-day fish-collecting trips, on the Nanay, Momon and Amazon rivers, for aquarium hobbyists. Ask us for dates. 

Luckily, she is available for charter, when not scheduled for alternative use. 

Remodelled in 2017 and given a steel hull and superstructure, the Esperanza has two levels, which accommodate seven twin / double cabins and four single cabins, sleeping a maximum of 18 passengers. All rooms are equipped with lighting and fans powered by rooftop solar panels.

Aside from the sleeping quarters, the boat boasts: 

  • Two passenger restrooms on the lower deck.

  • A dining hall on the upper deck, with a drinks freezer.

  • A rooftop observation deck, with partial canopy and hammock space.

  • A fully-equipped kitchen serving all meals, and which can cater to vegetarian and other dietary preferences.

  • Auxiliary boats (speedboat or skiff) for use on excursions.

  • Kayaks that can be used upon request.

  • A friendly, experienced crew of 6 or 7 (depending on passenger numbers).

Her shallow draft is ideal for navigating the narrow tributaries of the Amazon and for pulling up directly to riverbanks for ease of passenger access.

Click here for example four-day itinerary

Charter Prices:

# Passengers
LengthEntire Vessel
4 Days£4,661 / $5,996
Up to 185 Days£5,826 / $7,495
Up to 186 Days£6,992 / $8,994