With any form of travel, taking out insurance is always a wise decision, in case something goes wrong. Northern Peru - and South America in general - is no exception, and PeruNorth strongly recommends purchasing travel insurance before you travel.

A few things to consider when buying travel insurance:

  • Check that the policy has adequate levels of coverage for the activities you will be participating in. For example, your trip may include hiking at altitude or rafting, which may not be covered in simpler policies.

  • Check that age limitations on some policies do not apply to you.

  • It is advisable to find a policy that includes delay, cancellation, medical expenses, emergency evacuation and repatriation coverage.

  • Always read the terms and conditions of the policy and description of coverage before purchase.

Travel insurance can be purchased from World Nomads for your trip, using the above form.

Please note it is the sole responsibility of the traveller, not PeruNorth, to ensure your insurance requirements are met for travel in Latin America.