"Honestly an absolutely fantastic trip [Inca Trail 4D]. Thanks so much for organising such a good experience for us both, i really can’t fault a thing. The level of service was WAY above what we were expecting, the food was incredible and every single thing was perfectly organised.

It was genuinely the most fluid trip i’ve ever had, didn’t have to do a thing. Local staff were excellent, and our guide was extremely professional

Hope you have a fantastic Xmas and NY"

James & Paul Metcalfe
West Hampstead, London

"To Miles, 

Thanks for all your help and advice for Ecuador [Quito, Baños, Puyo, Amazon Dolphin Lodge & Galapagos Islands]. 

Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year"

Gary Schneider & Family
Poole, Dorset

"Hi Miles!

I just wanted to thank you again for setting up such a wonderful trip [Treehouse Lodge & Cusco & Machu Picchu] for us ... the trip was absolutely incredible and we are so blessed to come back with such great memories

Oh, and we LOVED, loved, loved the Palacio del Inka [hotel in Cusco], thank you again for that upgrade.

Every single one of our guides and drivers were super friendly and made us feel at ease and very well taken care of.

Anyway, just wanted to make sure you knew we are uber-satisfied customers! I hope to work with you again sometime in the future."

Kim & Josh Ford
Odenton, MD

For their full testimonial, click here.
You can read their TripAdvisor review of Palacio del Inka Hotel, here.

"Hi Miles,

We had a great time in Tahuayo. The staff is very nice. We were there almost alone! Saw lots of wildlife. The ziplining was a great adrenaline experience, not for the faint at heart. From above you have a superb view over the treetops.

We liked to stay at the Research Center. It is a bit smaller and more cosy.


Ruth De Bruin & Frederik Weber
Heinkenszand, The Netherlands

Little, Andy & Julia - Southern Peru Tour - Machu Picchu4.jpg


At the hairdresser now before flying back this evening. It has been an amazing experience. Thank you. ❤️ Peru 🇵🇪"

Andy & Julia Little,
Nettleden, Herts.

To see the photographic account of their journey, click here.

"Hi Miles, 

The rest of the trip [Cusco, Machu Picchu & Reserva Amazonica] was really awesome, but as you can probably imagine, we both thought the Chachapoyas area was one of the highlights of the trip.

Thanks for setting us up with our quick trip through northern Peru! We are already looking forward to when we can return and explore the area more!"

Kenzie & Zach Longren
Edina, MN

"Hi Miles,

In summary, the trip [Kuelap & Gocta Express 8D] exceeded our expectations. Three factors - our guide Ronald, the overall level of service, and the landscapes - natural and cultural - accounted for our satisfaction.

... We would (and have) recommend the trip to anyone who had the time and the stamina!" 

Andrew & Maureen Wallach
Cusco, Peru & USA

For their full testimonial, click here.

"Hi Miles,

The trip was nothing short of flawless ... Dan and I had an amazing time. Thank you so much, yet again! ... Northern Peru is truly a magical place

I found the hiking to be pleasant, but know Dan found certain parts to be a challenge. My favorite guide was Jabier Farje Albarado from Leymebamba. He is a kind, knowledgeable, and patient man.  

In short, would I do it again? Yes!"

Brendan Hieber & Daniel Johnston
Lima, Peru & Brooklyn, NY

"Hello Miles,

Ronald [Watger] was a great guide.  He was very friendly and helpful, knew the area well.  He also grows some nice coffee.

In Moyobamba, we stopped at Waqanki and saw many orchid species, even though it wasn't the high season for orchid flowering. The hummingbirds were very nice there. We also stopped at an orchid nursery that I knew of in the town. 

Gocta Lodge has a great view.  The room was clean, the grounds were nice, the food was ok ...

 ... Kuelap was very scenic. 

Gocta Falls trail was very nice, we enjoyed the falls and the walk through the forest.  The horses definitely helped.  We also found some nice little orchid species along the trail."

Daniel Lentz & Dianne Morgan
Roswell, GA

"Nice greeting from Slovakia!

I am back at home and work right now. But I am happy that I have seen all these beautiful places in Peru [Lima, ParacasCusco & Machu Picchu].

Thank you for all help. Have a nice day 🙂 !"

Jana Kurnavova
Bratislava, Slovakia

"Hi Miles - back in Calif. now ... we had a good time out at Tambopata Research Center, lots of good wildlife watching, nice people, etc. a good trip.

We appreciate your help with the arrangements. Thanks"

Randall & Emma Paul
Mission Viejo, CA

"My aunt and I loved it [Cusco & Machu Picchu]. The Cusco hotel and setting was great, lovely place

The Sacred Valley tour was good. The guide was very chatty.

Machu Picchu was very good: it was a bit rainy, but that made it look mysterious."

Matthew Spry & Ann Grindley
Frampton Cotterell, Gloucs.

"We really enjoyed our trip to the Colca Canyon. Our guide was great and very informative.

The stay at the Colca Lodge was excellent, we wish we could’ve stayed another night, the trip over to the lodge from Arequipa wasn’t the most exciting, maybe because the weather wasn’t great – but the day after was brilliant, we enjoyed visiting the local towns and got to the condor pass just at the right time to see LOTS of condors!

We also stopped at a lot of interesting vantage points with great views across the canyon which was fantastic."

Our onward trip to Puno was handled well and was completely stress free!

Overall a great trip and thanks for organising so well! Thanks again.

Andy Williams & Stacey Smith
Hackney, London

Hello Miles,

Ron was a great guide. He was very friendly and helpful, knew the area well.  He also grows some nice coffee ...
... In Moyobamba we stopped at Waqanki and saw many orchid species, even though it wasn't the high season for orchid flowering. The hummingbirds were very nice there.  

We also stopped at an orchid nursery that I knew of in the town. The owner of that nursery travels several times a year to shows in the U.S. and other countries (she comes to Miami twice a year), so if you have any other clients that grow orchids, they may be familiar with it.
Gocta Lodge has a great view.  The room was clean, the grounds were nice, the food was ok. We didn't have hot water the first night, and lost power another night, but they always got things fixed in the morning.  Stuff like that isn't totally unexpected when you're staying in a little mountain valley, off the main tourist route.
Kuelap was very scenic. The parts they've restored stand out like a sore thumb, but luckily most of it is still in its natural state. The main stairway into the ruin is closed for restoration, and several other parts were roped off for restoration/research, but it's a pretty big place so there was still a lot to walk through ...
... Gocta Falls trail was very nice, we enjoyed the falls and the walk through the forest. The horses definitely helped.  We also found some nice little orchid species along the trail.

Danny Lentz & Dianne Morgan
Roswell, GA

Hi Miles, 

Re our trip to Treehouse Lodge, from the pick up in Iquitos to the drop back, it was Fabulous. 

Johnny, the guide, was AMAZING with his knowledge of the animals, birds and wildlife. His English was excellent. He was obliging with everything we required or requested, he went out of his way to make our trip memorable. He organised some wonderful adventures on the rivers with our own boat driver, Ricky, who had a wonderful knowledge of the river and local area, as he came from one of the local villages. 

The tree house we stayed in was certainly unique and comfortable .... The staff at the Lodge were all very nice and obliging and most had some English which made our life easy. 

Great holiday we will be talking about for a long time. Thank you for arranging it for us and I will certainly refer others to you. 

Marilyn & Dave Morgan
Clareville, NSW, Australia

"We had a great trip [Gocta, Kuelap, Leymebamba & Cajamarca], thanks for all your help. Everything went well on the ground and the only thing we would have done differently is have fewer rest days and tried to see more.

Thanks again"

Ethan & Sarah Kline


Trip was beyond excellent. If I was you, I would recommend this lodge [Gocta] to many. Kuelap is amazing.  

The night before we left, we both said we should have stayed another day and/or lifetime."

Brendan Hieber & Jackie Sanchez
Dallas, TX & Lima, Peru


"Hi Miles,

Thank you very much for you help with organising the trip for my parents' visit to Cusco and the sacred valley. It was amazing and everything went perfectly. Everything was organised down to the last detail and they really enjoyed it. All of the tours and tour guides we had were excellent. Also the hotels we stayed at were very nice and the staff all bilingual and very helpful.

Thank you again for making it such a memorable trip for them."

Thomas & Mary Jordan
Carlow, Ireland

Paul Marshman at Gocta Falls

"Hi Miles, 

Trip was awesome, quality lodges all three [Gocta Lodge, Tucan Suites, Pumarinri] and ate well. Tours were great and I was taken good care of throughout the trip, so excellent

Many thanks, and I wish you and your family a feliz año nuevo!"

Paul Marshman
Barnet, UK

Hi, Miles.

Neil and I have been back a few weeks now from Argentina [Calafate, El Chalten, Bariloche trek, Buenos Aires]. As promised here are some photos. 

We had a fantastic time, it is a vast country and I am glad we did not race around and try to see all of it ...

... Thank you for your advice regarding our itinerary. 

Pauline & Neil Twogood
Dagnall, Herts, UK

"Dear Miles,

One again, a thousand thanks for helping us to have a great trip - this time to Arequipa and the Colca Canyon. As usual, your advice on where to go and how long to spend there was invaluable.  

The hotels you suggested were perfect - the Casa Andina Select in Arequipa has a terrace overlooking the main square and the Cathedral, where we spent many happy hours sipping our drinks, reflecting on our day's sightseeing and deciding which of Arequipa's many fine restaurants we should eat in next.  

The Colca Lodge was delightful, especially the thermal pools, and we took full advantage of them. It may have looked odd, sitting for hours in water with my hat and sunglasses on, but it felt wonderful!

[The] guides and transport were excellent - all the guides we met were enthusiastic, friendly and knowledgeable and the service was extremely efficient.

The journeys to the Colca valley and to see the condors were exciting - we saw a volcano [Sabancaya] erupting, and we saw condors flying, as well as wonderful vast, wild landscapes.

We are both really grateful for your advice and help in organising our trips,

Wishing you a very happy New Year."

Elana Dallas & Alastair Hatchett
Highbury, UK

You can read their TripAdvisor reviews here ... and here.


We were both grateful for both your sage advice and flawless organisation of our trip to Lake Titicaca. You tailored a short programme covering exactly what we wanted, and the whole thing was spectacular.

Isla Suasi is indescribably beautiful. The hotel is wonderful. The staff friendly. The food good. But it is the location that makes it special. The island is easily explorable by foot and the views of the lake are breathtaking.

A particular highlight are the vicuñas on the island - it's incredible to see them pop their heads up just a few yards away as you're walking around, or see them taking a drink from the lake by the shore.

If you're seeking peace, quiet and beauty, I can't recommend this place enough. 

Sillustani was also impressive. The Hotel Libertador in Puno good enough (but pales completely in comparison to Isla Suasi). 

A particular thanks for the transfer back to the airport. Your organisation ensured we had an almost full day at the resort before heading to the airport. It turned out that another couple from the Isla Suasi were on the same flight, but by taking the boat, via Puno, they spent most of the afternoon in far less impressive surroundings. 

Worth noting that most of the road transfer was actually a treat in itself - driving through the Andes at sunset gave us chance to peek out at normal Andean life, far removed from the slightly exaggerated tourist trap of the Uros Islands. Once the sun went down it was less interesting, but the first hour or so was very cool. 

A final note - I'm a big fan of your website and information packs. I love the informal, almost chatty tone of it all. 

So, all in all. Thanks! We shall be bugging you again when the time comes for our next Peruvian adventure!"

Mike & Jennifer Vidler
British Embassy, Lima
You can read their TripAdvisor review here.

"Thank you Miles. Yes. Tree House Lodge was very good indeed! I loved being about 60 feet high in the jungle especially in a storm, swayed from side to side with all the jungle sounds.

It was not for the faint hearted perhaps as the insects were everywhere - and big. However, the service was excellent and the guide too, was always organising new trips and very companionable. I would love to go again!"

Anne Askew
Peckham, UK

"We had a great holiday, thanks for the organisation. Hotel Casa Morey perfect for starting off. Like the simplicity of the place and pleasing aesthetics. 

[Sinchicuy] Amazon Lodge was great: saw much wildlife. Got lots of good photos."

Julian Walter & Family, 
Lima, Peru

"Hi Miles, 

We had a wonderful time, it far exceeding our expectations ...

... Sacred Valley tour - this was great, our guide was very knowledgable and his English was fantastic which made the whole tour very enjoyable.  

Salkantay trek - really enjoyed the trek (mostly, it was very tough at times!) And the scenery you see whilst walking the Andes is breathtaking, and unlike anything I've experienced before.

Machu Picchu - Our Salkantay guide had an upset stomach, so we had another guide for our Machu Picchu day and she was brilliant. She was very knowledgeable and seemed to really enjoy her job. 

... Tambopata Research Centre - the 5 days here was amazing. We were treated so well, our guide was absolutely fantastic. The walks out were great, and there was a lot of downtime in between in the lodge, which we really liked after the full-on first week that we had! We also thought that the food was particularly good.

We saw a lot of wildlife, and our guide knew everything about all of the animals and plants. The only thing that we wanted to see and didn't was the Jaguar, which one of the other groups actually saw whilst on the boat there, however that can't be helped!

Everything about this part of the trip was wonderful (ok maybe not the mosquitos). We both agreed that the Amazon rainforest was probably our favourite part of the holiday.

Lima - last day in Lima our hotel was lovely, staff very helpful. We had a lot of time to kill before the evening flight so we went down to the coast. Lima is so different to everywhere else we went!

... Thanks again for helping us sort it all out, we had an amazing time and would definitely recommend it to anyone!"

Chris Mizen & Danielle Hurley
London, UK.

NB. You can read their Salkantay Trek review on Trip Advisor here. 

"Hi Miles!  

We have both made it back to our respective homes. What a trip!  

The Peruvian Amazon is an unparalleled haven of biodiversity, and we were really happy to be able to share some time together. We have been friends for over 23 years, and our Amazon trip allowed us time to catch fish, catch up, and take stock of what really matters.  

Being able to fish while we were surrounded by monkeys, dolphins, sloths, butterflies, and a huge array of birds was incredible.  

Thanks for setting up everything at Muyuna Lodge!  I'll certainly be in touch."  

Brendan Hieber & Jimmy Carmichael
Dallas, TX. 

"Hi Miles,

My trip to the north Peru (Amazonas) was, thanks to you, one of a lifetime. Many thanks for helping me getting around, your tips and suggestions on where to go, what to see, where to stay – all priceless. Chachapoyas, Kuelap, Canon del Sonche, Gocta waterfalls, all fantastic places.

Also thank you for tailoring my trip to Galapagos, I know it’s not your main area, yet all went smooth.  

Muchas gracias"

Stano Kostka,
Prague, Czech Republic

"Hi Miles,

We're back in cold and rainy England.  Our trip to the Amazon went extremely well - as ever you managed to direct us towards something pitched just right. 

The journey was straightforward, the Ceiba Tops lodge was extremely comfortable, with good food, comfortable rooms (air conditioned, excellent beds), dry towels every day and lots of friendly staff. The swimming pool was an unnecessary but welcome bonus.

Our guide, Roberto, was extremely professional - knowledgeable, well organised, flexible (he adapted the itinerary when we expressed our interests) and with excellent English.

Our itinerary was full and varied. There were a couple of items that were less successful than others (a trip to a rather sad monkey sanctuary and a visit to an Indian community that left us feeling rather uncomfortable, they performed a dance and then sold us trinkets, but we felt quite ambivalent about the whole set-up). However, all the other outings - the canopy walk, the bird-watching, the fishing and so on - were terrific.

The length of the trip - five days, four nights - felt exactly right to us. So I'd happily recommend this trip.

Our next visit to Peru will be this December, so we'll be in touch later this year to ask for your help."

Elana Dallas & Alastair Hatchett
Highbury, UK

NB. You can read their Trip Advisor review here

"Hi Miles,

Thanks for resending the email! I did lose it. The trip was great. 

As you noted, Argentina was more expensive than we were anticipating. The hotels were great. Hiking on Perito Moreno was once in a lifetime. Loved the boat ride. Trekking in El Chalten was beyond gorgeous. 

We took salsa classes in BA which were fun. We had incredible bbqs and had a glorious time altogether.

Hoping all is going well with your business and will continue to send folks your way!


Terra Tolley, Brendan Hieber & Nieves Schauffele
Dallas, TX & Buenos Aires, Argentina

"Hi Miles,

Not home yet, still in Chile & head back tonight.

My trip to Peru [Lima, Cusco & Machu Picchu] was amazing, the service was really, really good."

Louisa Pietersen
Perth, Australia

"Our 3-day stay at Ceiba Tops was a wonderful family experience, for my wife and I, our 2-year-old boy and my father.

After a short river ride from Iquitos and checking into our cabin, we went on a 2-hour afternoon walk in the jungle immediately surrounding the lodge, with our dedicated, English-speaking guide, Aberlardo.  

Over the following 2 days we went river boat riding, piranha fishing, dolphin spotting, jungle canopy rooftop walking, poisoned dart blowing and to a small animal sanctuary where we got very friendly with parrots, sloths and snakes. The pace was not too rushed, however, and we had time to enjoy the pool at the lodge as well.

The cabins were clean and comfortable, with hot water and air conditioning, and Aberlardo was extremely helpful and playful with our boy.  

Many thanks to Miles and the team for recommending a lodge that was perfect for our particular needs, and for smoothly organising the trip and responding to our many queries."

Mark Griffin & Family
Cheltenham, UK & Lima, Peru

"Dear Miles,

Our trip to Peru was wonderful. Thank you so much for making it happen. We have nothing but praise for all the people we met on our travels....drivers and guides alike. I see you give Elvis a mention in your latest web update .... he was wonderful!

People don't know what they are missing; I am so glad we decided not to go to Machu Picchu, but head north, and then across the Andes instead. Absolutely brilliant!

It goes without saying that Ceiba Tops and, of course, the Delfin II were also excellent; we greatly appreciated your very kind upgrade.

With kind regards and best wishes, Diana."

Diana Houston & Kevin McCauley
Co. Down, UK

"Miles arranged a very enjoyable trip to the Amazon rainforest for me and my wife. He organised a lodge [Heliconia] which successfully met both our different requirements, and his local knowledge in this area was invaluable.

The transfers were seamless, the lodge was very comfortable, the food was excellent and the guides had good level of English.  

Miles was very helpful and I would highly recommend his company."

James Bunting & Irma Valdez
Norfolk, UK & Lima, Peru

Here is a video journal of two clients' 2014 journey from Trujillo to Iquitos, including: the pre-Inca sites of Chan Chan & Sipan; Gocta Falls & Kuelap in Amazonas; the high Amazon rain forest around Tarapoto; and low Amazon jungle aboard the Estrella Amazonica cruise ship. 

Cynthia Fowler & Julia Simpson
Hertfordshire & W. Sussex, UK