Northern Peru Highlights

  • Huascaran and Huayhuash National Parks - some of highest mountains in Americas & best trekking in the world

  • Pacific Ocean & Amazon River - thousands of fish species, highly attractive to Sports Fishermen

  • Great rafting on rivers that descend from the Andes Mountains

  • World-class surfing waves

  • Cloud forest - a birding paradise

  • Pacaya-Samiria - vast low Amazon national reserve

Peru is categorised as a mega-diverse country, holding a mind-boggling array of ecosystems - and accompanying flora and fauna - within its boundaries. These include Andes mountains, tropical glaciers, Pacific Ocean, dry forest, coastal desert and Amazon rainforest … and all of these can be found in Northern Peru.

The multiple protected areas of Peru’s Amazon rainforest hold secrets of a biological nature, as new species are continually being uncovered and the understanding of the bio-diversity is expanded.

And with such a varied and spectacular geography, the opportunities for adventure activities are manifold.