How We Do It

At PeruNorth, we are passionate about - you guessed it - northern Peru. We have travelled extensively in the region, and continue exploring when work and family commitments allow. When not on the road - or the river! - the next best thing is assisting others in their travel planning, allowing them to experience the same delight as we have, in this exciting, unspoiled region!  

We use this first-hand experience to match our clients' expectations and budgets with the itinerary that best suits them. Be it a luxury cruise to the Pacaya-Samiria Reserve, a hike to the Laguna de los Condores, a beachside hotel, or a rustic lodge in search of the Scarlet-Banded Barbet, we give an honest appraisal of comfort and difficulty levels, so that the only surprises will be positive ones! 

PeruNorth is unashamedly a small company, proud of its relationships with local suppliers and communities. In an Internet age, we still set large store in meeting them face-to-face, to develop a real sense of how they operate and in what ways we can be of mutual benefit. This also gives us a chance to keep abreast of the latest goings-on across the region, to keep our information up-to-date. Our blog is where we publish these developments, as and when they occur. 

PeruNorth's tours operate in a number of national parks and ecologically and culturally sensitive areas, so we naturally take an interest in environmental issues. We believe that tourism, when done well, can be a significant stakeholder in maintaining the integrity of these areas, and push our suppliers and clients to make decisions accordingly. 

Our expertise is not limited to northern Peru. Over the many years of working in tourism, we have visited much of Latin America, and successfully put together itineraries incorporating the better and lesser-known highlights, including Machu Picchu (of course!), the Galapagos Islands, Rio de Janeiro, Torres del Paine National Park, the Salar de Uyuni and the Panama Canal, to name but a few. Feel free to test our knowledge

However, we felt that northern Peru was such an exciting and oft-overlooked region to the English-speaking traveller, that it merited its own website, rather than a cursory mention on a Peru-wide or Latin America-wide website. 

We know that travel can be many things: mind-expanding, challenging, invigorating, introspective and gregarious. But primarily, it should be fun ... not just when you are on the tour, but throughout the planning stage, and right through to the post-holiday photo-sharing and nostalgia. PeruNorth aims to accompany you on the full journey helping you make informed holiday decisions and sharing in your experiences, in a good-humoured, accessible manner.

Unlike many, we enjoy looking at people's holiday snaps ... and by virtue of the fact that you decide to visit northern Peru, you immediately enter the category of 'interesting'!