Scarlet-Banded Barbet 4-Day Birding Tour

  • Four-day rough adventure in search of the elusive, recently-discovered Scarlet-Banded Barbet

  • Basic accommodation in a remote village in the high rainforest of the Andes. 

  • Plenty of other rare species to be spotted in the area. 


Scarlet-Banded Barbet 4-Day Birding Itinerary Outline:

Day 1: Arrive Tarapoto; transfer to hotel. Overnight at Pumarinri Lodge.
Day 2: Drive to Plataforma, via Bellavista. Overnight in basic guesthouse.
Day 3: Plataforma Birding. Overnight in basic guesthouse.
Day 4: Return to Tarapoto


Set Departure Dates (to coincide with our 21-day Northern Peru Birding Route trip):

  • 2019: Aug 21 - 24

NB. We can arrange a private tour at any time.


Below prices are per person, based on double occupancy. 

ItineraryLengthPrices From
4 Days£1,108 / $1,400


Scarlet-Banded Barbet 4-Day Birding Itinerary:

Room with Terrace at Tucan Suites Aparthotel, Tarapoto.

Room with Terrace at Tucan Suites Aparthotel, Tarapoto.

Day 1: Tarapoto: Arrival

On arrival in Tarapoto, we welcome you and transfer you by minibus to your comfortable hotel, in the jungle city of Tarapoto.

If time and daylight allows, local birding or sightseeing can be arranged. 

Overnight at Tucan Suites Aparthotel, or similar. 

Day 2: Tarapoto - Plataforma

Orange-Eared Tanager.

Orange-Eared Tanager.

Today, we make the trip to Plataforma (also known as Flor de Cafe), a remote village on an outlying Andean ridge south of the road to Juanjui. We take a minibus as far as Bellavista, where we transfer to a four-wheel-drive vehicle to make our way on the rough and muddy road to Plataforma,

Plataforma is suffering from increased deforestation, but still has many good species including the endemic Scarlet-Banded Barbet and Cordillera Azul Antbird.

Sites along the river are worth a look, but the possibility of rarer species increases with altitude.

Overnight in a very basic hotel in Plataforma, with all meals. 

Hoatzin, known affectionately as 'Stinky Turkeys'.

Hoatzin, known affectionately as 'Stinky Turkeys'.

Possible birds (NB. depends where we stop to look): Hoatzin; Golden-collared Toucanet; Red-billed Tyrannulet; Subtropical Pygmy Owl; Black Hawk-Eagle; Grey-headed Kite; Orange-breasted Falcon; Slate-crowned Antpitta; Comb Duck; King Vulture; Yellow-billed & Large-billed Terns; Pied Lapwing; Booted Racket-tail, Scarlet-banded & Versicoloured Barbet; Rufous-rumped & Buff-fronted Foliage-gleaners; Strong-billed & Wedge-billed Woodcreepers; Lined Antshrike, Rufous-breasted Ant-thrush; Plain Antvireo; Slaty, Yellow-breasted & Dot-winged Antwrens; Yungas & Blue-rumped Manakins; Marble-faced Bristle-Tyrant; Pale-eyed Thrush; Three-striped Warbler; Grey-mantled Wren; Grey-breasted & White-breasted Wood-Wrens; Golden, Blue-necked, Saffron-crowned & Orange-eared Tanagers; Blue-winged Mountain-Tanager; Cordillera Azul Antbird; Bronze-Green Euphonia.

Yungas Manakin.

Yungas Manakin.

Day 3: Plataforma for Scarlet-banded Barbet

All day birding along the muddy forest trails around Plataforma.

Overnight in a very basic hotel in Plataforma, with all meals. 

Possible birds: Scarlet-banded & Versicoloured Barbet; Lined Antshrike; Yellow-breasted Antwren; Buff-fronted & Rufous-rumped Foliage-Gleaners; Ocellated & Strong-billed Woodcreepers; Yungas & Blue-rumped Manakins; Pale-eyed Thrush; Golden & Orange-eared Tanagers; Bronze-Green Euphonia; Plain Antvireo; Grey-mantled Wren; Slaty Antwren; Rufous-breasted Ant-Thrush; Wire-crested Thorntail; Booted Racket-tail; Cordillera Azul Antbird; Marble-faced Bristle-Tyrant.

Day 4: Plataforma - Tarapoto

Return journey from Plataforma, via Bellavista, and then to Tarapoto.

Once back in Tarapoto, we transfer you to your hotel or the airport. 

Possible birds: as on journey up; can stop lower down for water birds, such as Large-billed Tern.

Pied Lapwing.

Pied Lapwing.