Northern Peru offers an astonishingly rewarding and diverse experience for the serious birder. It is fast becoming the most desirable birding destination in the world, owing to the presence of endemics such as the White-winged Guan and Marvelous Spatuletail ... and its unrivalled range of mega-diverse eco-systems and endemic areas.

Home to at least 1,600 species, including 140 restricted-range species from 10 endemic areas and 75 globally-threatened species, the Northern Peru Birding Route traverses the Pacific coast, the Andes and the Amazon basin. It covers the Pacific coastal deserts and the mega-diverse Marañon Valley, tropical lowland rainforest replete with flooded forest and swamps, tropical dry forest, high montane cloud forest abundant in epiphytic plants and elfin trees.

PeruNorth offers a variety of ways to explore this birding richness. They range from four-day searches for specific, rare species - such as the Scarlet-Banded Barbet - to epic three-week set departures, intended to take in as much of Northern Peru's incredible diversity as possible, within the time limit. The shorter modules are designed so that, if time allows, they can be linked together to make a longer itinerary. 

Birders are always accompanied by expert local guides; and on group departures, they also have access to international specialists.

For the keen nature photographer there are incredible photographic opportunities en route, as we pass through rapidly changing landscapes of cactus-studded scrub and undulating cloud forest. We include the option of enjoying choice cultural highlights - such as Kuelap or Chan Chan - along the route if you choose to.

By participating on a PeruNorth birding trip, you are actively supporting local communities, providing long-term educational and occupational opportunities and qualifications, maintaining trails and continually updating species lists on account of our year-round presence.