The Sand & Surf of Northern Peru

When thinking of a South American beach, it is more than likely that the calm, blue waters of the Caribbean, or the famous landscape of Copacabana in Rio de Janeiro, spring to mind.

It is fair to say that Peru's northern beaches do not fulfill this ideal entirely, with the colder waters of the Pacific crashing onto windswept beaches, with a backdrop of desert and dry forest. But it is exactly this ruggedness and under-exploitation that PeruNorth finds so appealing. 

The waves are ideal for surfing, kayaking, bodyboarding and kite surfing; the marine life includes humpback whales, Southern sea lions and green turtles; and the white sand stretches as far as the eye can see, in either direction.

With so much coastline to choose from, there are many excellent options, but we have good reason for the beach destinations we have chosen to promote:

  • Vichayito is served by three airports, has a lovely, unspoiled white sand beach, is home to migrating humpback whales for several months of the year … and sea turtles all year round. Three nights (or more) here, staying in a comfortable beachside hotel, provides perfect relaxation before or after exploring inland.

  • There are at least 30 beaches along the north coast that are excellent for surfing, but Puerto Chicama boasts a wave where a 2 km (1.25 mile) ride is possible, and can be enjoyed by beginners and experts alike.

And, if you have a craving for archaeology, between spells of sunbathing or surfing, there are many impressive vestiges of Peru’s coastal civilizations within striking distance.