What We Do

While northern Peru may be expanding its infrastructure, it is still a long way removed from being equipped for mass tourism. It is therefore reassuring to be in the hands of experts who have a living knowledge of the area, as well as fully understanding the needs of English-speaking visitors

Miles describes his first visit to the province of Amazonas in 2006, with two friends:

'To get to Gocta Waterfall, which was the ostensible mission of the trip, involved getting an overnight bus from Chiclayo, which arrived in the small town of Pedro Ruiz Gallo at 3am. We then had to walk with our luggage to a guesthouse that was open, and check in to a room with a shared bathroom. 

The cold light of day revealed that the toilet was the smallest one we had ever seen, and my 6' 3" frame could only just squeeze inside, provoking much hilarity. 

We asked around for a taxi driver to take us to the Falls. We eventually found an ex-soldier, who drove us at top speed along an unpaved road to the tiny village of San Pablo, where we began our hike. Our taxi driver/Rambo also assumed the role of guide, along the recently-cut path, which took us to the bottom of Gocta Falls' first stage. Here we received a refreshing soaking from the spray, and could take in the magnificent views.'

Things have come a long way since then, and when Miles returned to Gocta in 2014, it was in the company of his parents, who may be young at heart, but would not tolerate overnight buses and cramped toilets! So, a private vehicle (driven by Elvis!), the best hotels available and a luxury Amazon cruise were the order of the day, for a spectacular family holiday. 

Therefore, PeruNorth aims to combine the same pioneering thrill of exploring a raw, unspoiled region that Miles enjoyed in 2006, with the greater creature comforts and stress-free travel demanded by his parents! 

Peru North's Mission

  • To promote Peru's lesser-visited regions to an English-speaking public.

  • To provide a secure and comfortable service to all our clients visiting the area.

  • To make the whole holiday process an enjoyable one, from initial planning to photo-sharing.