A Guide To Cuispes

Cuispes is a small town, with fewer than 1,000 inhabitants, in the province of Amazonas. It would be easy to overlook this unremarkable place, were it not for the presence of a number of spectacular - and high - waterfalls in the surrounding countryside.

Most notable amongst these is Yumbilla, with its top at 2,723m (8,935 ft) and the bottom at 1,828 m (5,997 ft), thereby measuring 896 m (2,938 ft) top to bottom, and making it the fifth tallest waterfall in the world.

Even more remarkable is that this cascade was only officially measured in 2007, using laser technology, by Peru's National Geographic Institute (IGN) ... perhaps inspired by the claim in 2006 that nearby Gocta Falls was the third highest in the world. Prior to this, the existence of the falls was only known to a few locals. Still, very few tourists have visited. 

Yumbilla Falls is divided into five drops, and there are not many points at which all of them can be seen at the same time, which may be the reason why its full height was not immediately apparent. Moreover, the volume of water cascading down is low, and in the dry season, can stop altogether. 

Nonetheless, the visual effect is still stunning, and the cloud forest scenery at, and on the way to, the Falls is impressive. 

As well as Yumbilla, Cuispes is the base from which to visit Chinata Falls (580 m / 1,903 ft) and Pabellon Falls (400 m / 1,312 ft).

How to visit: PeruNorth includes a day trip to Yumbilla Waterfall as part of the wonderful Hidden Chachapoyas 7D itinerary.