Cañete River, Lunahuana, Lima

Located on the banks of the Cañete River, at an altitude of just under 500 m (1,600 ft) and only a three-hour drive from the city of Lima, Lunahuana is popular with urbanites looking for winter sun, beautiful mountain landscapes and adventure activities. 

Small flotilla on the Cañete River near Lunahuana.

Small flotilla on the Cañete River near Lunahuana.

There are various rafting routes along the river, catering for all levels and ages.

The river is at its highest from December to April, as the rain in the Andes mountains makes its way downhill to the Pacific Ocean, and this is when the rapids are at their most exciting, reaching grades of IV+ and attracting experienced rafters from around Peru and beyond. 

During the rest of the year, the rapids are of a calmer II or III grade, which is ideal for beginners, with trips lasting from half an hour to two hours on the river.