Reynoso Family Testimonial - Chachapoyas

We as a family had a wonderful time.

The department of Amazonas (where Chachapoyas and Kuelap are located) is a very beautiful area of Peru, something that we were not aware of.

The plantations, fields and "greenery" of the mountains are worth the trip. Add Kuelap, and friendliness of the people is a plus.

What was your favourite cultural destination in the itinerary? Kuelap

What was your favourite natural destination in the itinerary? Gocta waterfalls

Who was your guide? How did they perform? Our guide Sheila was wonderful, friendly and and very accommodating

Which was your favourite accommodation and why? We only had one La Xalca in Chachapoyas and it was fine.

Which was your favourite restaurant / dish / drink? Did you lose or gain weight over the course of the holiday!? Breakfast and dinner were provided at the hotel. The portions were more than we could eat.

What forms of transport did you use? Pros/cons? Having a a dedicated van for us was great. Very comfortable.

Did your itinerary involve any hiking? How would you rate it in terms of difficulty? If you really want to enjoy the sights you have to be in good shape. The availability of horses is a plus.

What was the most pointless item in your luggage!? Gloves, it was not cold enough to use them.

What was/were your favourite natural encounter (eg. animal / bird / flora seen)? Only Alpacas. But the scenery and surroundings are very, very beautiful and we were breath taken.

Did you suffer any insect bites? Other physical discomforts? Not really.

And given that northern Peru is just starting to attract a higher number of domestic and international visitors, we feel it is important to assess the impact of this on a naturally and culturally sensitive region.

Did you have much interaction with locals? Where and how did this occur? People are friendly, we spoke the language so it was easy to converse and make acquaintances.

Did you feel your money was going to local businesses and people? I'm not sure how much. Some without doubt goes to locals, specially the entry fees to the parks.

Were you given any information regarding sustainability during the course of your trip (e.g. talks on environmental issues from guides)? Somewhat, mainly history of the pre-incas and Incas, their organizations.

Did you notice any areas where environmental practices could be improved? There is a great deal of panels calling to the people to be environmentally friendly. But more education must be continued and reinforced to avoid littering the highways leading to the visiting sights.