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Find out about the remarkable ways to enjoy the Peruvian Amazon from the water, on board a cruise ship.
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Peru North has numerous itineraries that allow you to enjoy the region in depth ... and in comfort ... including group departures that help you save money, while not missing a thing. 

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Machu Picchu Etc.

While it is true that there is 'more to Peruvian tourism than Machu Picchu', you may well wish to explore the much-loved highlights of southern Peru ... or further afield

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Northern Peru is packed full of stand-out destinations, in wildly divergent areas. There are world-class beaches, coastal cities with remarkable pre-Columbian ruins, Andean towns in spectacular mountain locations and a massive variety of flora and fauna.

Northern Peru has long been known to a hardy few travellers, who have been particularly attracted to the little-visited archaeological sites that give an insight into fascinating pre-Inca cultures, such as the Chachapoya at Kuelap or Chimu at Chan Chan, that are only just offering up their secrets

The region also offers wildly contrasting landscapes, in a relatively short distance, moving from unspoilt Pacific beaches to imposing Andean mountains, via arid, coastal desert.

Once over the Continental Divide, the increased rainfall is abundantly obvious in the greenery of the cloud forest; and as one descends deeper into the Amazon basin, the temperature increases and the size of the waterways increases.

With such a myriad of eco-systems, it is not surprising that the region is home to an equally beguiling range of wildlife, including the iconic, endangered Spectacled Bear; and 1,600 species of bird, such as the Marvellous Spatuletail hummingbird and Wattled Curassow

The under-developed infrastructure had traditionally been an impediment to visitors on a limited time-frame, but now with the paving of roads and the construction of good hotels and comfortable lodges, there really is no valid reason not to visit.

While there may still not be Marriott hotels or valet parking, those travelers who set more store by experiences and scenery than luxury will be well-rewarded by a region that is stuffed with interest, and refreshingly new to the opportunities of tourism

Moreover, if you are keen on your creature comforts, Iquitos is the launching point for all the cruise boats operating on Peru's Amazon River, and these offer a very relaxed and comfortable way to enjoy the remarkable ecology of the world's largest rain forest. So, if you want fine dining, starched linen and a massage, after a hard day spotting river dolphins and catching piranha, this can be done! 

So, let Peru North guide you around the highlights of this remarkable, unspoiled region. 

People don’t know what they are missing; I am so glad we decided not to go to Macchu Picchu, but head north, and then across the Andes instead. Absolutely brilliant!
— Diana Houston & Kevin McCanley, Bangor, Northern Ireland - April 2014

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